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And $SAVE$ 60-80% By
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BBI Refurbished Office Furniture Outlet – Buffalo, NY & WNY

High Quality Office Furniture Is Built With A Durable Structure And Can Be Inexpensively Refurbished To Look As Good As New And To Complement Your Office Décor

High Quality Office Furniture Is Built To Last

High Quality Office Furniture, from manufacturers like Haworth, Herman Miller, HON, Knoll, Steelcase, Teknion… is structurally-designed and engineered for long-term performance and durability in commercial office use. The underlying structure of a quality office chair, desk, cubicle system… therefore has potential for a very long lifespan.


In reality, quality office furniture is rarely ever fully worn out, it is typically replaced when its’ superficial exterior (paint and/or fabric) has become worn, dirty, or just doesn’t fit with the new office color scheme.


This is why BBI Refurbished Office Furniture makes such good sense.

BBI Refurbished Office Furniture

Buffalo Business Interiors specializes in re-using and refurbishing High Quality Office Furniture. If You have High Quality Office Furniture that no longer fits in Your office please do not send it to landfill without calling us. We can help you save the environment and $SAVE$:


‘Worn’ Or ‘Aged’ Quality Office Furniture - Can be Refurbished / Remanufactured to look like OEM New Furniture, or to complement your custom office colors and fabrics. 


High Quality Lightly Used Office Furniture – Can also be refurbished to complement your new color scheme, or can be bought or traded for Re-Use elsewhere, in its current state.

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The Cost Benefits Of Refurbished Office Furniture

Compared to the retail cost of New Office Furniture
You can $SAVE$ 60 – 80% by buying BBI Refurbished Office Furniture!


BBI stocks a large selection of High Quality Refurbished Office Furniture including: refurbished office chairs, refurbished office desks, refurbished storage & filing cabinets, refurbished office conference tables, refurbished office cubicle systems & call centers… - all from high quality original furniture manufacturers like Haworth, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Teknion… - Call For Availability)


BBI also stocks a large selection of High Quality Lightly Used Office Furniture including: used office chairs, used office desks, used storage & filing cabinets, used office conference tables, used office cubicle systems & call centers… - all from quality furniture manufacturers like Haworth, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Teknion… We can refurbish any of this used office furniture stock to fit your requirements (Call For Availability), or we can refurbish Your existing office furniture.


Refurbished Office Furniture Myths

There are several common misperceptions that may prevent You from considering BBI High Quality Refurbished Office Furniture. Get the real facts and don’t let these misconceptions prevent You from saving our environment and $SAVE$:


Myth 1 - Refurbished Office Furniture Is Inferior In Quality To New Office Furniture

BBI Expertly Refurbished Office Furniture looks, feels and even smells just like new office furniture. Apart from the obvious cost difference, we challenge You to tell us the difference between BBI Refurbished Office Furniture and the manufacturers new piece.


Since BBI Refurbished Office Furniture is restored to like-new condition, you will find it equal in quality and reliability to new furniture. We proudly stand behind our Quality Refurbished Office Furniture with a limited warrantee and exceptional post-sales service.


Myth 2 - Quality Refurbished Office Furniture Is Difficult To Find

BBI maintains a large inventory of high quality Lightly Used and Refurbished office furniture. We can refurbish any piece to OEM standards or with custom colors / fabrics to match your existing office furniture. Large volumes or specific pieces can be special ordered.


We can also refurbish Your existing office furniture with short lead-times, typically delivering and installing your refurbished office furniture within about 2-4 weeks.


Myth 3 - Custom Refurbishing Is Expensive

Now you can have Your office furniture custom finished with new colors and fabrics to perfectly match your office environment at a fraction of the price of new furniture. BBI refurbished Office Furniture typically costs 60 – 80% LESS than new furniture.



You Can Easily $SAVE$ 60 - 80% On Quality Office Furniture Without Compromising Style Or Performance. If You Are Interested In BBI Expertly Refurbished Office Furniture In WNY Call A BBI Office Furniture Expert At 716.876.6800

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Refurbished Office Furniture

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